Versioning History

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Version Date Details
1.0 September 2021 Environmental Geology is published at Thompson Rivers University.
1.01 December 2021
  • Updated Footnotes (APA 7th references),
  • Revised style and info for figure captions,
  • Some image captions attributions were added/ included in captions,
  • Hyperlinking CC license info,
  • Hyperlinks to other chapters and sections within the book added,
  • Adjusted bullets/ numbered list formatting,
  • Headings schedule changed,
  • Title case of headings made consistent, 
  • Latex material issues resolved,
  • sub/superscripts adjusted’
  • Figure 15.3.3 added,
  • Figure 8.4.4 was swapped out,
  • Reference list taken out of Section 12.3 (moved to Footnotes),
  • Summary Sections style made consistent
  • Summary content for Sections 2.4 and 2.5 were completed.  


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